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For all retail-related businesses, this is a must read! It’s an eye-opening experience to see the words “Brain” and “Brand” brought together in such a meaningful way. This combination of high-level sophistication with a wide variety of practical examples and applications provides the direction for building a brand into a highly dynamic business.

William "Mac" McDonald

Annual Coordinator of Marketing and Brand Management, National Retail Federation

What a concept – ‘Thinking’ about one’s brand as experienced by the customer, versus overreliance on brand awareness and price-promotions. Kudos! BrainBranding is a refreshing reflection on the importance of Brand, and should serve as a reference for proactively managing Brand relevancy to customers.

Gary Langstaff

Founder/Managing Director, CANDO Productions LLC Former EVP, CMO of Hardee's Food Systems, Burger King Corp, & Papa John's Intnl

Brain Branding is the next stage for serious marketers who not only want to brand themselves or their companies, but also want to do it in a smarter way. Understanding different types of buyers and what makes them buy greatly increases opportunities to improve your bottom line.

Terry L. Brock, MBA

CSP, CPAE, Chief Skype Enterprise Blogger Professional Speakers Hall of Fame; Certified Speaking Professional

In Mexico, retail is a fast-paced world. A key factor to success is to connect to the consumer’s mind. BrainBranding is a valuable tool to generate effective buying strategies; it analyzes the brain’s purchasing styles and provides paths to consider to get true multi-consumer engagement – all within an easy four-step process.

Rogelio Rodriguez

VP Development, ANTAD Mexico